Yukarı Çık


The word Nefs means bad wishes in us.

With the philosophy we have received from Nefs, we aimed to create beautiful notes using the instruments taken from endless nature and make soft touches on human skin so that they leave nice wishes in human soul.

The Yin-yang philosophy reveals that everything in the universe exists with contradictions.

Thus, as in the Yin-Yang philosophy, which explains the dynamics of the universe, we set out, wishing that nefs be the bad wishes in the dark and our perfume be the nice things leading to light. With this in mind, DE FEMME and MACHO were born.

In the crowded urban life, the motto "Smelling nice is not a luxury anymore, it's a need" is a must for us. We, as the Nefs family, wanted nice perfumes to be no longer luxury items purchased and used by upper economic classes and wanted to turn them into a brand that can be easily bought by anyone and a strong partner of yours to accompany the natural scent of your skin.

And we have fulfilled our wish.


Having been involved in the sector for many years and successfully fulfilled the roles and responsibilities undertaken so far, the team "Two Women" acquired a well-deserved position in the sector.

It's committed to an approach focused on the environment, human health and customer satisfaction both in product preparation and sale.

    Mission of NEF'S:

  • Meet your demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our products and quality.
  • Create an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer by solid communication and work with an approach focused on customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize purchasing power of consumers by increasing our competitiveness and minimizing sale prices of products.

    Vision of NEF'S:

  • Enable our company to be among the strongest companies of the sector by continuously improving its ability in its field in order to increase the recognition of our company in the perfume industry.
  • Be the most preferred brand in Turkey and abroad.